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VK2BA 29MHz AM Log

All 10M AM QSO's from 10th March 2011 onwards .....

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My 10 Metre AM log - stations I have worked in Solar Cycle 23:    


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Shown beside David VK2BA is the BA320 7MHz/29MHz transmitter. On the left, top shelf: the power supplies for the ART13 which is  sitting on the lower shelf. On the centre shelf is an antenna tuner, my "Buggary Box" and the 29MHz VFO. The "Buggary Box" does two things: it contains a 4 way frequency multiplier so that the frequency of the VFO can be read on a frequency counter, and it has a divide by two divider and amplifier which takes the VFO output and drives the BA320 at half frequency or 3.5 MHz for operation on 7 MHz. It is never a good idea to drive a transmitter with the same frequuency as the output. That is a good way to develop spurious outputs or oscillations.


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The following is an extract from my station log. The details are not complete and there may be errors - but it does indicate the general activity on 29MHz AM. I would really like to add your callsign to my 10 metre AM log. I am on air most days between 2100Z and 0000Z if there is propagation, usually on 28.995 MHz. Point your beam at about 240 degrees. No beam? I work many stations with vertical antennas and dipoles. I even worked a station with an indoor antenna! 

I do not like working on 29.000MHz - that is best used as a calling frequency. I may appear on that frequency to alert you chaps of band activity.

My current US State total = 47 worked

I still need: VT, NV, and SD on 10M


I am happy to QSL any contact. However postal charges are very expensive in Australia and I receive many requests for direct QSL's so If you wish for a direct QSL, then please supply an addressed envelope and some IRC's or a green stamp or two.

Please note that I do not use the buro

My grid square is QF69 and my snail mail address is:

David Macnaughton, P.O. Box 283, DORRIGO 2453, NSW, AUSTRALIA


The dates and times are UTC

MARCH 2011:  10th - K0ETD (Ron - Arizona), 12th - K5XU (Mike - Mississippi), AD5YB Rob), K4KV - Glen - Georgia),13th - W3HM (Howard - West Virginia), WB5UGT (Steve - Texas), K4QH ( Phil - Tennessee), W1UR (Dan - New Hampshire) KF4GDX (Robert - South Carolina), 28th - K2UFT (Norm - Florida), K4TR (Joe), W1UR (Dan - NH), KF5QA (Pop - TX), N7TSK (Dan), VK4VN (Steve - Qland, Australia), 29th - WB8KRY (Joe - Ohio), W1ZB (Jerry - Massachusetts), W3HM (Howard - West Virginia), K0ETD (Ron - Arizona), KE1FT (Phil - Massachusetts), 31st - K0ETD (Ron - Arizona), K7JX (Casey - Washington State)

APRIL 2011:     1st - KA7ZFX (FJ - Washington State), VK2ADY (Don - NSW), KH6U (Doug - Hawaii, K0EOO (Dennis - Minnesota), WB5UGT (Steve  Running 1 Watt in Texas), 3rd - KK5TC (Robert - TX), 8th - K0EOO (Dennis - Minnesota), AB4JK (Bob - Vrginia)