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VK2BA 29MHz AM Log

All 10M AM QSO's from 12th April 1998 to 30th March 2005

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The following is an extract from my station log. The details are not complete and there may be errors - but it does indicate the general activity on 29MHz AM. I would really like to add your callsign to my 10 metre AM log. I am on air most days between 2100Z and 2230Z usually between 29.000 and 29.015 MHz. Point your beam at about 240 degrees. No beam? I work many stations with vertical antennas and dipoles. I even worked a station with an indoor antenna! 

My current US State total = 47 worked

I still need: VT, NV, and SD


I am happy to QSL any contact. However postal charges are very expensive in Australia and I receive many requests for direct QSL's so If you wish for a direct QSL, then please supply an addressed envelope and some IRC's or a green stamp or two.

Please note that I do not use the buro

My grid square is QF69 and my snail mail address is:

David Macnaughton, P.O. Box 283, DORRIGO 2453, NSW, AUSTRALIA


The dates and times are UTC

MARCH 2005:  18th - W7XH (Bill AZ), w7XH (Yes, Bill, again AZ), KE4EG (Lamor FL), WA0GAG (Andy CO), K6OWL (Mark CA), KG6POG (Bob CA)

NOVEMBER  2004:   1st - N7DXF (Bob WA),  W0BVR (Bill IA), WB0IQK (Mark OH), KC6L (Cecil CA), W7XH (Bill AZ), 3rd - W6LLP (Jim CA), K7HK (Harry UT), K0PJG (Tom NC)

OCTOBER  2004:   7th -KE4EG (Lamor FL), 9th - WA0GAG (Andy CO), K6LGL (Skip CA), W5VBT (Al AL), 10th - KJ4UO (Paul), AD5FL (Tom TX), W0HUR (Steve IA), K0UO (Steve KS), VK2EDB (Adrian Sydney on Back Scatter), 28th - WA8YUZ (George MI), KE4EG (Lamor FL), WA0GAG (Andy CO), WN3V (John PA), K7POF (Bob AZ), 29th - K0ETD (Ron AZ), AD5FL (Tom TX), K1KW (Chuck MA and as usual, sounding like VOA), 31st - AD5FL (Tom TX), WB9GKZ (Pat WI)KC6L (Cecil CA), KF6RNT (Terry CA), W9BY (Brian), WD4PLI/6 (David CA)

APRIL 2004:   4th - K0RTD (Ron KA), W3PDY (Paul PA using SSB), K9EJ (Doug IL), 5th - KF3B (Alan using SSB), K6LGL (Skip CA), WE4H (George FL), 11th - KF5VM (Kermit TX), 14th - K6VW (Tom)

MARCH 2004:  31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), WA2RKG (Gordon OK using SSB), K0ETD (Ron KA), AD5FL (Tom - TX)

DECEMBER  2003:  23rd - KR6RR (Harry CA), KH6CC (Jack HI), W0ZR (Tom MN), KA2SVS (Frank PA), 24th - W0ROO (Jeff - lost in noise), N1HUT (Brian Yukon Terr. - YV1), N7KLV (Mike WA), 29th - W0BT (Clark KA), 31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

NOVEMBER  2003:  5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

OCTOBER  2003:  8th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K6LGL (Skip NC), VK2JKK (Wayne,  Vallery, NSW), 9th - W5TOP (Charlie TX), 10th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 16th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 19th - K6XOL (Ed), K0ETD (Ron /P Arizona)

SEPTEMBER 2003:  1st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K0ETD (Ron), NY6L (Jay), 10th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 28th - WA6SKD (Stan OK), W4WRX (? ?), KF6RNT (Terry CA), K6AM (John CA), KB6BKN (Walter CA), W8AW (Jim MI), 29th - W8AW (Jim MI), K0ETD (Ron), 30th - KB8ZZ (Ned OH), W0BVR (Bill)

AUGUST  2003:  27th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 28th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 29th - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

JULY 2003:  No contacts - No propagation

JUNE 2003:  No contacts - No propagation

MAY 2003:  1st - KG4TAB (Sam SC), AD5FL (Tom TX), 21st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K4DSP (Doug NC), 29th KD4AF (Smitty NC)

APRIL 2003:  2nd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), WB6BIH (Cliff CA), 5th - WB8DNO (Joe OH), WD4PLI/6 (David CA), W4TXL (Bill NC),  10th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 16th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 19th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 23rd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K5AXN (Jerry TX), 30th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), KH6CC (Jack HI)

MARCH 2003:  13th - AD5FL (Tom TX), WA3GHM (Gerd PA), WA6TJN (Ted CA), AD5FL (Tom TX), 16th - KW1I (Dale NH)W9AD (Dave IL), W7SWB (Dave OR), KC6PTY (Jerry CA), W8QYT (Tom AZ), K4TWJ (Dave), 17th - KT4FW (Sid NC), K5LN (Bill TX), 18th - W0EMF (Ted), KH6U (Doug HI), AA8A (Bob SC), 19th - KL7OF (Steve WA), W8AW (Jim),  K0PJG (Tom NC), K3ZX (Mark PA), K6LGL/M (Skip CA), AB2KC (George NY), WB8AJR (Bill), K7KYC (Gene AZ) NOTE: Contacts in blue = QSO's with Smitty KD4AF in the VK2BA shack) 22nd - W7SWB (Dave OR), 23rd - KJ7CC (very weak sigs OR), N0BF (Steve CO), AD5FL (Tom TX), KF6RIP (Vic CA), W5JPI (Gordon OK), 29th - WA0GAG (Andy CO), W9AD (Dave ), W9GUD (Warren FL), K9MBS (Byron IL), K6LGL (Skip CA), KC7WIZ (Ralph AZ), 30th - KC4CFE (Joe FL), K0RZ (Bill CO), K4LAW (Biff FL), KF8IS (Bruce OH), KL7OF (Steve WA), N0GXM (Scott CO), W7SWB (Dave OR), WA0GAG (Andy CO), K4DSP (Doug NC), W2IQK (Carl NY), KD4AF (Smitty NC), WA7YKE (Joe CO), K2ORS (Warren MA), W5TOP (Charlie), 31st - WB5IQD (Monty on SSB TX), VE6CQ (Rick Calgary), KD4UPT (Dave FL), W0UOW (Pete NE), K5AXN (Jerry TX), N2MGA (Jay NJ)

FEBRUARY 2003:  4th - KD5JEJ (Dwight TX), K0PJG (Tom NC), 5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W5JO (Jim), W5TOP (Charlie TX), 12th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), FG5FG (John Guadeloupe), 13th - K9WWS (Wayne IL), K9KLT (Ron), K9WWR (Glen AZ)

JANUARY 2003:  5th - WD0FLD (Lloyd IA), K8EYU (Glen WA), KA5E (David TX), K7NQ (Jimmy WA),WA0FDV (John ND), 6th - KH6CC (Jack HI), 29th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), VE6VA (George Alberta), XE2YUW (Sergio Mexico), AG4WL (John FL),  30th - W5GAF (Jim TX), WB4MSG (Gene NC), KD4AF (Smitty NC),  WB4MSG (Gene NC),

DECEMBER 2002:  1st - W7SWB (Dave OR), 4th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 11th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W7AAM (Al WA), AD5FL (Tom TX), 18th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

NOVEMBER 2002:  1st - KK0K (Frank KS), 5th - VE3OWV (Nick Ottowa), 6th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W4TXL (Bill NC), 10th - W8VQL (Ed  ??), K0CDJ (Bill MN),K8DIT (Ben WA), VE4KR (Ron Winnepeg), WB1EAD (Dave ME), WB2KKX (Steve NY), WB9GKZ (Pat WI), KB2NQN (Steve NY), W0SYH (Lloyd MN), K8RMR (Rick OH), 11th - W4TXL (Bill NC), WB6LRV (Peggy CA), WA6SKD (Stan CA), N1HUT/VY1 (Brian Ukon Terr.), W3VYL (John MD), N3ELK (Keith DE), 12th - K0PJG (Tom NC), 14th - W6TRW (Peter CA), AB2KC (George NY), VE4BX (Doug Manitoba), 16th - KK0K (Frank KS), AI8Z (Mike CO), K1KV (Bill MA),K7ENE (Ron ID), 17th - KE0UY (Jim MO), KB6RKY (Doug CA),WA1OIR (Bill MA), K0GSX (Rod CO), K0KCY (Tony MN) W3ULS (John VA), W0SYH (Lloyd WI), K5QT (Garry TX), KC0IQN (Gerald MO), N6PY (Bill CA), 18th - WA7BPT (Dave UT), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty NC) 

OCTOBER 2002:  9th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W4TXL (Bill NC), 10th - WN3V (John  PA), KK0K (Frank KS), KB6BKN (Walter CA), VK2ADY (Don NSW), KF6RIP (Vic CA), AB2KC (George NY), WA2VMO (Bob NY), N6BUU (Hank CA), 11th - K8IHY (John), W6NRO (Al CA), K9GTH (Scott CT), N0GXM (Scott CO), 12th - K2WS (Al NY), WA1IWQ (Joe MA), VE6XTC (Bruce Alberta), K1JJ (Tom CT), W1GUD (Warren FL), N5OP (Kim OK), VE3OWV (Nick Ontario), WA1JXR (Greg MA), KC8RPF (Mark OH), WA0FDV (John), 13th - W4TXL (Bill NC), W2IQK (Carl NY), K1GUP (Jerry ME), K0EFJ (Brian KS), K7KKM (John OR), KC8AKO (Joe WV), AJ1G (Chris CT), K0UO (Steve KS), K2WS (Al NY), K0SX (Steve CO), W5ZG (Don TX), KD5HTO (Don TX), KB5EYR (Derrik TX), K0FPL (Frank KS), W6OTO (Len CA), W5JAY (Jay AR), 20th - W8AW (Jim MI), K7REC (Rick AZ), 23rd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), AD5FL (Tom TX), 27th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), KE5ZR (Gene TX), 29th - K0PJG (Tom NC), WA0GAG (Andy CO), AA8A (Bob SC), W8GBJ (Tom OH), W5NWX (Cecil TX), 30th - K7HK (Harry UT), KD4AF (Smitty NC), WA3VJB (Paul MD), 31st - WA0GAG (Andy CO)

SEPTEMBER 2002:  3rd - W3HM (Howard), K0ETD (Ron KS), W0YVA (Bob VA), 4th - N4XFL (Bob AL), W3HM (Howard), 6th - K0ETD (Ron KS), W8AW (Jim MI), WA6LZH (Tony CA), WA4UTE (Guy FL), 7th - K0ETD/M (Ron TX), WA4NJY (Ed FL), KA4STI (V weak), W4TXL (Bill NC), WA1OIR (Bill MA), K6RZG (Bill CA), W9BY (Brian IN), WA5TGK (Tim TX), KF6RNT (Terry CA), K1ETP (Rich MA), AC5YD (Super weak), 15th - K6LGL (Skip CA), W5KD (Mo TX), WA0STX (John MO), KW1I (Dale NH), 16th - WA2PJP (Joe NY), 18th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W5KD (Mo TX), AA5RM (Bob TX), 21st - KK6KV Andy CA?), AA8A (Bob), K1VYO (Ron CT), W5JZ (Ben TX), KF6AR (Bill OR), W1GUD (Warren FL), N6EU (Russ CA), W9BY (Brian IN), AF1S (Bill MA), K4TRL (Les VA), K3NF (Harry VA), W5KD (Mo TX), KW1I (Dale NH), W9AD (David IL), 22nd - W7SWB (Dave OR), NC0E (AL MN), W5JAY (Jay AR), WA8YUZ (George MI), K6RMS/M (Bob CA), K1ETP (Rich MA), WA1DSZ (Blair ? MA), N5UGW (Jerry TX), W8AW Jim), WN3V (John 1.5W! PA),KD4AF (Smitty NC), W1GUD (Warren FL), KD4AF (Smitty NC),  25th - WA1KNX/7 (Dean AZ), W8HYR (Fred OH), W7SWB (Dave OR), W3ORU (Dick PA), AF1S (Bill MA), W4TXL (Bill NC), 26th - VY2DA (Derrik - Prince Edward Is), KD4AF (Smitty NC), W7IXZ (Larry OR), W5QXX (Andy TX), W5KD (Mo TX), 28th - W8AC (Jim OH), KH6IRT (Pete HI), K7JX (Kasey WA), KD4AF (Smitty NC), W0LHK (Barry), 29th - KE7KK (Bill), K1GUP (Jerry ME), WB5UGT (Steve TX), KA3CEA (Grant MD), NY2H/M (Warren NJ), W0KIZ (Bob CO), W2IQK (Carl NY), W5KD (Mo TX), N3AVT (Al PA), W7ISJ/XE2 (Joe Mexico), 30th - K4TRL (Leo VA), KH6CC (Jack HI), KB4CRT (John FL), KD4AF (Smitty NC), N7KLV (Mike WA)

AUGUST 2002:  5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 21st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), AD5FL (Tom TX), WA5OQR (Wayne TX), KC5AXW (Carl TX), 25th - W3HM (Howard WV), W1GUD (Warren FL), WD4PLI/6 (David CA), W5CKP (David LA), KF6RNT (Terry CA), K0FAO (Micah KS), K4TRL (Leo VA), AB2KC (George NY), 26th - ZL1AJY (Paul), K4TRL (Leo VA), K0PJG (Tom NC), K0ETD (Ron KS), W4TXL (Bill NC)

JULY 2002:  4th - WA5OQR (Wayne TX), 24th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 

JUNE 2002:  5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC) 

MAY 2002:  2nd - KG4LFZ (Eddie), W5JPI (Gordon), 5th - K6ZSR ( Mike CA), W9MVB (Ben AZ), W4TXL (Bill NC), K4EJS (Bill GA), 15th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 16th - W5XK (David TX), KC5AXW (Paul TX)

APRIL 2002:  2nd - N3AJB (John PA), 4th - KA6FAY (Barry CA), W4TDC (Fred GA), 6th - I5KAP (Frank ITALY Long Path), W4TDC (Fred GA), AB2KC (George NY), WA3GHM (Gerd PA), KF4YXR (Romeo AL), 7th - K0ETD (Ron KS), W8AW (Jim ? lost in noise), KF6AR (Bill OR), 8th - W1LEH (Bob), NK9A (Stan), DJ7YF (Bob N Germany Long Path), K0PJG (Tom NC), W8AW (Jim), N7KLV (Mike), AB2KC (George NY), I5KAP (Frank ITALY long path), 10th - KC4CFE (Joe FL), KG4HSY (Dwight TN), G3UUR (England Long path - to be fair, I missed the correct call sign and corrected this later - it is not considered a complete QSO), I5KAP (Frank ITALY), VK2ADY (Don Tamworth NSW), W9FGJ (Willis AZ), N8LKA (Gary OH), K0PJG (Tom NC), 11th - N1HCE (Pete MA), CT3JT (Donato MADEIRA IS0), I5KAP (Frank ITALY), VK2ADY (Don Tamworth NSW), N4CND (Orris), 13th - VK2AFH (Ken), W8JKS (John OH), AB2KC (George NY), W7MD (Damon AZ), W8AW (Jim MI), JA2IJV (Toyama NAGOYA), 15th - W7XH (Bill AZ), 16th - KL7OF (Steve OR), K5UKY ?? (super weak), W5XK (David), VK2ZH (Mac DORRIGO NSW), 20th - AB2KC (George NY), K6LGL (Skip CA), 21st - K0ETD (Ron KS), 24th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W7XH (Bill AZ)

MARCH 2002:  2nd - W5GYM (Bob AR), W0FD (Mike CO), W4EW (Ed GA), WT2S (John NJ), AA8A (Bob SC), 3rd - WA2BTW (John NY), K9LJR (Lou IL), W3GL (Ralph (DE), VA9SJ (Stan Ontario), KP2APE (Dave),  4th - WA3VJB (Paul IN), 5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 6th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K2WS (Al NY), 16th - W6AQU (Bob CA), W5KD (Mo TX), W3VZW (Frank PA), KW1I (Dale NH), WA5LJC (Jerry MA), VE3CL (Craig Niagra Falls), AB2KC (George NY), KD5JEJ (Dwight TX), KF6AR (Bill OR), VE7KHZ (Paul BC), W5EOE (Shep HI), K6LGL (Skip CA),17th - KH7MS (Blake HI), N7KLV (Mike HI), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W3VZW (Frank PA), 22nd - WA3VJB (Paul MD),K7PE (Bob ID), 26th - K0PJG (Tom NC), 27th - KB0YH (Gus CO), KD4AF (Smitty NC), N1ROZ (Larry CT), KW1I (Dale NH), KB0YH (Gus CO), W8WBV (Lou MI), K0PJG (Tom NC), 28th - N3DRB/M (Tim Virginia), WA0GAG (Andy CO), W5QXX (Andy TX), WB2MJQ  (Stan NY), KB0YH (Gus CO), K7YO (Jim OR), KC4CFE (Joe FL), 29th - KH6CC (Jack HI), W0UOW (Pete NE), AD5FL (Tom TX), AB2KC (George NY), 31st - AB2KC (George NY), W8JKS (John OH), KD4AF (Smitty NC), W4RL (Robert FL), KC4CFE (Joe FL)

FEBRUARY 2002:  1st - NC0E (Al MN), 2nd - WB9VMY (Hal OK), K0RAV (Dennis), W5KD (Mo TX), K9EID (Bob IL), VK2AFH (Ken Alstonville NSW), 6th - VE6LS (Al), KD4AF (Smitty NC), W0BVR (Bill IA), WA3GHM (Gerd PA), 19th - W7MI (Doc), K9VDD (Ralph WI), WA5LJC (Jerry MA), K1GUP (Jerry ME), W8HYR (Fred OH), KL7OF (Steve WA), VE4KR (Ron near Winnepeg), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K7KYC (Gene AZ), 27th - W2EKW (Vince NJ), VK2ZH (Mac, Dorrigo NSW), N8LUV (Jim MI), WA3GHM (Gerd PA), N8LUV (Jim MI),W8AW (Jim MI), WA1JAS (Mike ME), VE9XA (Tim, N Brunswick), K6LGL (Skip CA), 28th - N8NED (Al OH), W5EOE (Shep HI), KL7OF (Steve WA)

JANUARY 2002:  1st - K5XU (Mike MS), WB3CQD (Frank PA), AD5FL (Tom TX), W3ENC (MD), WA5TGK (Tim TX), AB2KC (George NY), KA0AA (Jack CO), WB5UGT/M (Steve TX), WA5VRS/M (Joe TX), KD7JG (Joe OR), K0RAV (Dennis IA), W7XH (Bill AZ), 2nd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 9th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 16th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K7KYC (Gene AZ), 20th - AA3VD Sam, AD5FL (Tom TX), 23rd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K7KYC (Gene AZ), 30th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K7KYC (Gene AZ), W7GQE/M (John OR), 31st - KW1I (Dale NH)

DECEMBER 2001:  4th - W1VZR (Pete ME), 9th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 16th - KIGUP (Jerry ME), W7QHO (Dennis CA), 19th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 22nd - N7WEK (Floyd AZ), K0ETD (Ron KS), K4BHL (Dale NM), WA6LZH (Tony CA), K1KV (Bill MA), 23rd - WA6LZH (Tony CA), W7KEV (Kevin WA), W7SWB (Dave OR), K6LGL (Skip CA),KP4RS (Hose MS), 25th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), N6CSW (Barry), N7UI (Jim), WB9MAS (Jim IN), WH2T (Ace IN), K7SC (Jim AZ), VE4KR (Ron near Winnipeg), W5QXX (Andy TX), AB2KC (George NY), KB2APE (Dave), WB5UGT (Steve TX), W5KD (Mo TX), W7UO (Wes AZ), N1EU (Barry NY), WA1HLR (Tim ME), KG0SI(Gary CO), AB2EZ (Stu NJ)

NOVEMBER  2001:  10th - K1GUP (Jerry ME), 11th - WA7KUM (Ingo AZ) W4KYL (John PA), W5KD (Mo TX), W7SWB (Dave OR), WB5UGT (Steve TX), KD5HTO (Don TX), KD5OVM (Jack TX), NY2H/M (Warren MA), K1JJ (Tom CT), 12th - K3RO (Ron MD), AL0F (Tim AZ), WA3GHM (Gerd PA), W5QXX (Andy TX), 13th - WA6RZW (Ed CO), KW1I (Dale NH), W5KD (Mo TX), 14th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), KL7GKY (Jack OR), VE4KR (Ron near Winnepeg), WB4EDA (Dave NC), K2WS (Al NY), K0PJG (Tom NC), 15th - K6LGL (Skip CA), WD8SDE (Rick OH), WB8NDO (Joe OH), WB8GZX (Gary OH), WB0IQK (Mark OH), W8SEC (Steve OH), WD0FLD (Lloyd IA), W0LHK (Barry KS), K7ASV (Harold MT), W5KD (Mo TX), 16th - K6LGL (Skip CA), W5QXX (Andy TX), KW1I (Dale NH), K1JJ (Tom CT), K7AVX (Craig OR), K0LR (Myle MN), VE7ZWZ (Paul British Columbia), K7AVX (Craig OR), KL7GKY (Jack WA), KD5JIE (Nes AR), KW1I (Dale NH), W5JPW (Jim NM), 17th - K1NF (Nelson ME), K6LGL (Skip CA), WN9U (Garry WI), W5MET (Frank TX), W1GUD (Warren FL), W7UO (Wes AZ), 18th - W5DP - Don TX, N6DMV (Paul CA), WN3V (John PA), W3TIM (Tim VA), WD6ECH (Bob CA), N7KLV (Mike WA), KD0HG (Bill CO), W6OSM (Bob TX), KC6BSJ (Tony CA), WQ0J/M (Alan N.Dakota), 19th - K6KOI (John CA), N7KLV (Mike WA), WA0FDV (John N.Dakota), K4CUI (Dennis VA), VE7ZWZ (Paul British Columbia), N4CND (Orris GA), W5KD (Mo TX), 20th - K0PJG (Tom NC), 21st - K0PJG (Tom NC), KD4AF (Smitty NC), 22nd - W5KD (Mo TX), W5QXX (Andy TX), AD5FL (Tom TX), 25th - W7SWB (Dave OR), KB4CRT (John FL), K0TD (Gary NE), K2KL (Glen NY), N7KLV (Mike WA), KC7WIZ (Ralph AZ), KB2APE (Dave NJ), AB2KC (George NY), K2WS (Al NY), WB5UGT (Steve TX), WA0GAG (Andy CO), 26th - WA6RZW (Ed CO), W5ZG (Don QTH?), WA1YTT (Al AZ), K6LGL (Skip CA), P49MR (Martin, Aruba Is), 28th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), KD7HLL (Bob QTH?), W8GBJ (Tom OH), W5KD (Mo TX), K2WS (Al NY), KH6CC (Jack HI), N7KLV (Mike WA),    

OCTOBER 2001:  3rd - KD4AF (NC), WA6TJN, VE7DJX (Jan, Vancouver Is), 5th - W7JKY (Barry OR), 6th - WB2WIK (Steve on FM, CA), WA6DKN (Dave CA), 8th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), EC8AUZ (Pedro, Canary Is), K1GUP (Jerry ), N1HCE (Pete MA), W0UOW (Pete NE), N3FJN (Bryat PA), 10th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 11th - W5KD (Mo TX), 13th - AB2KC (George NY), K2DP (Dave MO), K7KKM (John OR), KA9QMD (Ray WI), 16th - VK8WB (Charlie Northern Territory), 17th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K2WS (Al NY), 20th - K1JJ (Tom CT), KG0LD (Bill NE), K1FE (Robert MA), VE4UD - Bill Manitoba), W3DEF (Steve MD), WB9RLX (Ray IL), K0OJ (OJ CO), K2YWE (Dan MD), K1KW (Chuck MA), 3D2BA (Dick FIJI), 24th - AD5FL (Tom TX), WA0FDV (John ND), KD4AF (Smitty NC), 26th - K0ETD (Ron KS), W6JEO (Carl CA), WA1IWQ (Joe MA), KH6CC (Jack HI), W5JBW (Jim NM), 31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

SEPTEMBER 2001:  Conditions improving     5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 7th - WN3V (John PA), N3RHU (Ken CA), KG6CYN (Trevor CA), 8th - W4WH (Ernie NC), WB7RQQ (Ken AZ), AB2KC (George NY), W4LQE (Bob TN), W5JXP (Ed TX), W5QXX (Andy TX), K2WS (AL NY), N6OJZ (Bob CA), WA0GAG (Andy CO), 9th - KC4CFE (Joe FL), KB5ELT (Tom TX), W5KD (Mo TX), W7ID (Jeoff ID), KH6U (Doug HI), KA0VEL (Jerry MO), 10th - K6CJA (Ken CA), W5KD (Mo TX), 16th - AB2KC (George NY), KC7CRR (Bob WA), N4CND (Oris GA), KQ4WB (Steve VA), W7SWB (Dave OR), WA1YTT/7 (Al AZ), N4PR (Clarence VA), KD5PNS (Micah TX), W5KD (Mo TX), 17th - K0ETD (Ron), 18th - K6LGL (Skip CA), KC4CFE (Joe FL), KH6CC (Jack HI), W5KD (Mo TX), AB2KC (George NY), W7JWA (Joe OR), 19th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W9BY (Brian IN), N7KLV (Mike WA), WA0GAG (Andy CO), 20th - K2FW (Steve NJ), KF6AR (Bill OR), K0ETD (Ron KS), N7KLV (Mike WA), W5KD (Mo TX), WA6HDY/M (Bernie CA), N8LUV (Jim MI) 22nd - W5TOP (Charlie TX), KF4IHX (Bernie FL), KC8JX (Larry MI - thanks for the email advice, Larry), KG5KLY (TJ OK), K4KYV (Don TN), KC7WIZ (Ralph AZ), W6ICM (Ozzie CA), 23rd - W7HPW (Mark UT), K2WS (Al NY), AB2KC (George NY), 24th - W5KD (Mo TX), K2WS (Al NY), K6LGL (Skip CA), 25th - KD5AIA (Ken TX), W5KD (Mo TX), W7SWB (Dave ?), N7KLV (Mike WA), 26th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W7EC (Al WA), N7KLV (Mike WA), 27th - K0ETD (Ron KS), W0VUB (Mick NE), K2WS (Al NY), AA7V/7 (Bob OR), 28th - WB7EMA (Ern WY), N7KLV (Mike WA), W5JPW (Jim NM), K6CJA (Ken CA), 30th - WB2WIK (Steve CA), W6GY (Garry CA)

AUGUST 2001:  Poor conditions on 29MHz    26th - KC4CFE (Joe FL)

JULY 2001:  Poor conditions on 29MHz   5th - AB2KC (George NY), 6th - FG5FC (John Guadeloupe), 8th -  K5ALX  (Don TX), 11th - WB0LXV - Ron QTH ??), 15th AB2KC (George NY)

JUNE 2001:  Poor conditions on 29MHz   6th - KD4AF (Smitty NC),W5JPI  (Gordon OK), WB8BFS (Jack OH) KP4RS (Hose MS), AB2KC (George NY), 13th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 16th - WA9MTP (Denny CA), 18th - AB2KC (George NY),W9BY (Brian IN)

MAY 2001:  Poor conditions on 29MHz   11th - KE4IQQ (Jack FL), 23rd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), KB6BKN (Walter CA), KC4CFE (Joe FL), 30th - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

APRIL 2001:  The 50 MHz band was opening internationally so few QSO's were made on 10AM!  14th - K5ATT (Tom TX), AD6QD (Tom CA), KC4CFE (Joe  FL) 2?? -K6LGL (Skip CA)

MARCH 2001:  1st - N6PY (Bill CA), W9JSN (Gary WI), VE4KR (Ron Manitoba), K2EWM (Jeff NJ), NY7Y (Harold AZ), K6LGL (Skip CA), W5QXX (Andy TX), KB2YAO (Albert  QTH ?), K0RAV (Dennis IA), AA3VD (Sam DC), KG0LD (Bill NE), 2nd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 11th - VE3OWV (Nick Ontario), AB2KC (George NY), W5QXX (Andy TX), K2YOF (Bud NJ), WA6LZH (Tony CA), W1GUD (Warren FL), W2LWQ (Leo PA), K1UTI (Bob NH), N0VLJ (Bob MN), N1HUT/VY1  (Brian Yukon Territory), W5JPW (Jim TX),W5TOP (Charlie TX), 12th - WD4LTF (Ronnie AL), WA3GHM (Gerd PA), N1HUT/VY1 (Brian Yukon Territory), KL7HDY (Bob AK), K0LSW (Terry MO), W0UOW (Pete NE), KS7W (Bob ID), K0DT (Jim IA), AL7KC (Mike AK), W9XQ (Ron NM), VE2EH (Pierre Quebec),W4RL (Robert  FL), K0PJG (Tom NC), 13th - N8WMS (Dale WV), K6LGL (Skip CA),  14th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K0DT (Jim IA), 15th - N6KN (Rocco CA), WB8DNO (Joe OH), W5QXX/P (Andy TX), W6LOO (David MI), VE6DES (Pete Alberta), K5ATT (Tom TX), K1ETP (Rich  MA), W1GYY (Norm), K2DP (Dave QTH ?) 16th - KP4RS (Hose MS), FG5FC (John Guadeloupe), K1QT  (Bob NH), VE3AVA (Woody Ontario) 21st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), N5DDC (Jim TX), W5QXX (Andy TX),KJ6IJ (Stan CA)

FEBRUARY 2001:  3rd - W8JKS (John OH), W0GQM (Ed MO), 4th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 7th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 21st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 22nd - WA6TJN (Ted CA), K0ETD (Ron KS), W6UBM (Al CA), W5KD (Mo TX), 28th - W8GBJ  (Tom OH)

JANUARY 2001:   3rd - W2VYH (Jack FL), W7ISJ (Joe AZ), WA2IFS (Doc NJ), W5QXX (Andy TX), 10th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 19th - G0DKM (Stephen UK), 20th - G0DKM (Stephen UK), KH7HJ (John HI), 24th - KD7ELY (Jeff AZ 7W mobile!), AB2KC (George NY), N9WZZ (Brian IN), N6XIG (Al CA), 28th - W7KEV (Kevin WA), 31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC)

DECEMBER 2000:   2nd - G0DKM Mobile (Stephen UK), 6th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 13th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 27th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W5JPW (Jim TX), 28th - K3ICH (Charlie VA), W0QBX (Jay MO), 30th - N9PVF (David MA), WD4PLI/6 (David CA), K6LGL (Skip CA)

NOVEMBER 2000:   1st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K6LGL (Skip CA), 2nd - W6PSS (David CA), 8th - K5ATT (Tom TX), KD4AF (Smitty NC), 15th - K9WKJ (Wayne WI), KD4AF (Smitty NC), 18th - W3WKP (Dave PA), VE3OWV (Nick Ottawa), W4YCH (Don GA), 19th - W5KD (Mo TX), KD4AF (Smitty NC), W8JKS (John OH)

OCTOBER 2000:  The following stations in blue were worked in the AM International Discovery activity:- 1st - WA1LGQ (Larry CT), KH6IRT (Pete HI), K1ETP (Rich MA), W7ID (Geoff ID), W9GT (Jack IN), W7GQE (John OR),  W3AYT (John PA), VY2DA (Derek Prince Edward Is), WD0FLD (Lloyd IA), VE4APG (Jeff), W5KD (Mo TX), W3DA (Abe DE), WB6YEC (George CA), W7MT (Russ OR), WA2URT (Alan NY), VA3KC (Casey Toronto), KC0IQN (Gerald MO), W6GY (Garry CA), N9HZ (Brent IN), 2nd - W5KD (Mo TX), W2EKW (Vince NJ), AB2IC (John NY), K4MUT (Bob MD), W1RWC (Dick CT), K0PTK (Ron NE), W8VQL (Ed MI), K1UKX (Fred MA), 4th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W5JPW (Jim TX), 8th - C6AFV (Del Bahamas), KA3STN (Peter MD), K0BS (MN), W8TPH (John OH), K9CPG (Bill IA), W8ALP (Al MI), N8NN (Bert WV), KB2NE (Ed NY), W9MVB (Ben AZ), K9VDD (Ralph WI), W0ZR (Tom MN), 9th - K0EOO (Dennis MN), W5SJ (Bill TX), KG5RJ (Greg TX), WD8PER (Jeff MI), W0LHK (Barry KS), N8JGG (Denny MI), 13th - N3XON (Gary PA), 18th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W3GMT (Russ PA), KF6AR (Bill OR), 19th - VY2DA (Derek Prince Edward Is), 20th - KC0FNS (Mark CO), WDPLI/6 (David CA), EC8AUZ (Pedro Canary Is), W3GMT (Russ PA), WB2PTH (Stu NJ), WB5UGT (Steve TX), K8EU (Glen MI), AC5KQ (Norm TX), W4RL (Robert FL), 21st - W4PJV (Dalton TN), KD2XA (Chris NY), W1JZ (Mike MA), K3QDV (John NY), 22nd - K1KW (Chuck MA), W0FD (Mike CO), AB2KC (Georgr NY), KW1I (Dale NH), W7ASC (Rick AZ), W0LHR (Barry KS), W8HB (Mike OH), N3YXW (Norris PA), W5OSU (Tim OK), N0KCP (Gene KS), N2BAU/M (Ken OK), 23rd - KC0DMB (Leroy MN), W6OM (Ron CA), WA8YUZ (George MI), VK2ADY (Don Tamworth NSW), 24th - W9BY (Brian IN), K2LEH (Bob NY), N8WMS (Dale WV), W3VYL (John MD), W9JSN (Gary WI), K1EGQ (Jim MA), W1RUO (Dick ME), KP4JRS (Hose Puerto Rico), K5ATT (Tom TX), W6PSS (David CA), 25th - KF6VHO (Clyde CA), W8VWQ (Gail TN), W7ISJ (Joe AZ), 27th - W3DA (Abe DE), WB2PTH (Stu NJ), VY2DA (Derek Prince Edward Is), K0RDF (Bob MO), KL7OF (Steve OR), W7RXG (Norm UT)

SEPTEMBER 2000: Conditions still improving and a lot of people back on the band after the US summer!   1st - VA3WE (Paul Ontario), W3ORU (Dick PA), WA0GAG (Andy CO), WA4KCY (Andy GA), KE7UA (Jerry MI), 2nd - WB9GKZ (Pat WI), WA8SAJ (Jeff OH), KD4ZAT (Ken FL), KG4ARM (David TN), W7US (Bill AZ), 3rd - WB8YQJ (Don CA  3 1/2 watts!), K4KYV (Don TN), W5JXP (Ed TX),  5th - K5ATT (Ken TX), KH6CC (Jack HI), W7US (Bill AZ), AF4ZY (Ed TN), W5JXP (Ed TX), K1ETP (Rich MA), K7DW (Don MT), AF4ZY (Ed TN), WA2PJP (Joe NY), 6th  - KB6BKN (Walter CA), K4JPP (Bob VA), KD4AF (Smitty NC), K0ETD (Ron KS), VA3WE (Paul Ontario), 8th - 3D2AG (Antoine FIJI), 9th - WA2PJP (Joe NY), K7PE (Bob ID), KK7TV (Randy), K4AQD (Bill MN), W5KD (Mo TX), KH6CC (Jack HI), W6NRO (Al CA), W5MAZ (Mike MN), WA6HDY (Burney CA), 10th - KH6U (Doug HI), 13th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W3ORU (Dick PA), VK2QE (Alan Lowanna NSW), 14th - WA6HFP (Mike CA), K6CJA (Ken CA), N4KIA(Peter), WD4PLI (David CA), W8GBJ (Tom OH), WA4EHL (David NC), 16th - WA6HXD (Terry CA), VK2ADY (Don Tamworth NSW), WD4PLI (David CA), K9VDD (Ralph WI), WA0JRD (Don NE), KC8PVM (Andy OH), K6CJA (Ken CA), 17th - K7EWE (Jim AZ), W3VYL (John MD), 18th - N5XCI (Larry TX), 20th - W3HM (Howard WV), KD4AF (Smitty NC), K6CJA (Ken CA), 23rd - W3DA (Abe  DE), W6WRE (John AZ), 24th - W7VJ (Andrew WA), K1GUP (Jerry ME), W5KD (Mo TX), W6UBM (Al CA), WA2URT (Alan New York), W5TOP (Charlie TX), AC5KQ (Norman TX), WA2IXP (Jay NJ), W6UBM (Al CA), KF6AR (Bill OR), W5TOP (Charlie TX), WA0FDV (John ND), 27th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K7HK (Harry UT), WB7DZX (Darleen UT), WA2URT (Alan NY), K0PJG (Tom NC), 28th - K0PAE (Larry MO), KF9KU (Gil WI), W9UVV (Roger WI), W9BY (Brian IN), N8MJ (Mal on SSB ), KH6CC (Jack HI), W9MBV (Ben AZ), K1GUP (Jerry ME), N4VMY (Bill KY), W7XS (Bob WA), W7RXG (Norm UT), W0UOW (Pete NE), W0EKS (John MN), W0LHK (Barry KS), 29th - The following stations in blue were worked in the AM International Discovery activity:- K8YAH (Ron OH), K8BKB (Gary MI), KL7HGY (Bob AK), W3ORU (Dick PA), WD4PLI (David CA), N7HR (George), W3VYL (John MD), VE3FGU (Mike Toronto), W7SWB (Dave OR), WQ3X (Russ PA), WA0GAG (Andy CO), W0OD (Paul CO), W6BTV (Bob  CA), 30th - W0NHF (Bill CO), K2UFM (Warren NJ), K4KCL (Don CA), K7YOO (Skip MN), K6CJA (Ken CA), KC2EBQ (Matt NJ)

AUGUST 2000: Conditions improving - 2nd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W5KD (Mo TX), VK2ZH (Mac), W5KD (Mo TX), W8GBJ (Tom OH), W4RL (Robert - FL), 3rd - W5ZE (John LA), K0NG (Charlie NE), W4RL (Robert FL), K4QZO (Charlie FL), W5KD (Mo TX), 5th - AE4EN (John - NC), 6th - WB6BIH (Cliff CA), W5JXP (Ed TX), W5KD (Mo TX), KC4CFE (Joe FL), 7th (Mo TX), 8th - N7GCW (Edison WA), W5KD (Mo TX), W4RL (Robert FL), VK2ADY (Don Tamworth, NSW), N4VMY (Bill KY), 9th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W4RL (Robert FL), VK2WF (John Armidale,NSW), 10th - W5KD (Mo TX), N4VMY (Bill KY), KC5JBO (Dee ???), 14th - K4KYV (Don TN), 22nd - K5ATT (Tom TX), W6JXA (Dave CA), 23rd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W5JPI (Gordon ???), W5KD (Mo TX), KH6U (Doug HI), 24th - W4RL (Robert FL), 25th - K6CJA (Ken ???), 26th - W3UVG (Ed on SSB PA), WA4WRZ (Guy VA), 27th - W5KD (Mo TX), W8GBJ (Tom OH), W9BFO (John OH), 29th - KC4CFE (Joe FL), 30th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W6NRO (Al CA), W6UBM (Al on SSB CA), W3ORU (Dick on SSB PA), WD4PLI (David CA), 31st - KD4ZAT (Ken FL), N7TWJ (Bob AZ)

JULY 2000: Conditions remaining poor - 1st - N7OWQ (John WA), AC5TF (Fred MS), 4th - WD4PLI (David CA), KE4SOG (Steve ?), 5th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), W3ORU (Dick PA), 6th - N7XH (Bill AZ), 8th - K5ATT (Tom TX),W5JXP (Ed TX), 9th - K5ATT (Tpm TX), KB6FBW (Mitch CA), WD4PLI (David CA), W5KD (Mo TX), KD5GGF (Cliford TX), AE4EN (John NC), 19th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 21st - N6DQW (Doug CA), K9VDD (Ralph WI), KH6CC (Jack HI), 22nd - W5JPI (Gordon OK), 29th - VE3NGW (Chris /FL), KA4UPW (Jim FL), W4PNT (? VA), N3XON (Gary PA),   W5KD (Mo TX), 30th - K5VOA (Kermet TX), W5KD (Mo TX), KG4ARM (David TN)

JUNE 2000: Conditions very poor - will I work anybody ??? 7th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 21st - KD4AF (Smitty NC),  22nd - KC4CFE (Joe FL), KC4BDS using 3 1/2 watts! (Sonny WA), K4JRB (David GA), 23rd - KC4CFE (Joe FL), KH6CC (Jack HI), 24th - KF6RNT (Terry CA), W1GFH (Joe CA), WA4KCY (Andy GA), WD4PLI (David CA)

MAY 2000:  Conditions were dropping off all month. It was hard to find an AM station to work ... 1st - KC4CFE (Joe FL), 6th - W5QEP (Roger LA), 9th - N7JW (Jim UT), KC4CFE (Joe FL), WD4PLI/6 (David CA), 10th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 11th - KH6CC (Jack HI), N7TWJ (Bob AZ), 25th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 31st - KD4AF (Smitty NC), K4JRB (David ?)

APRIL 2000:  5th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 12th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 13th - W9PY (Brian - WI), W5JPW (Jim - TX), 15th - KF0OW (Fred - CO), KW1I (Dale - NH), W9JSN (Gary - WI), 16th - K5ATT (Tom TX), N0EDS/6 (Dave CA), W5JXP (Ed TX), 19th - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 22nd - N4WUV (Craig VA), W9WQB (Bob ?), N8WMS (Dale WV), 26th - VY2DA (Derik - Prince Edward Is.), WD4PLI/6 (David CA), KD2GX (George NY), 

MARCH 2000:  2nd - W6CQA (Charlie - CA), KE1LP (Bruce - ME), KW1I (Dale - NH), W2IQ (Hank - TN), VE5DC (Jerry - Saskat.), KC4BDS (Sunny - NC), 3rd -KC3OL (Ted - KS), NG0N (Frank - MO), 4th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W1GUD (Warren - FL), NY6L (Jay - CA), 13th - K0RAV (Denny - IA), KL7OF (Steve - WA), N8ITF (Paul - TN), WB5PQX (John - TX), W3HWJ (Rich - CA), VE7XF (Ralph - BC), K9MBS (Byron - IL),W9UD (Jim - IL), W9GRL (Greg - IL) 15th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), WA5OES (Art - CO), WB5UGT (Steve - TX), 16th - W7SWB (Dave - OR), N8LUV (Jim - MI), W5KD (Mo - TX), 18th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), WB5UGT Mobile (Steve - TX), 19th - WD0FLD (Lloyd - IA), WD6CFG (Steve - CA using 10W/indoor ant.!), WB9GKZ (Pat - WI), W0LHK (Barry - KS), W7FG (Gary - ??), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), WA9NQW (Jack - NE), KK5IM (Jay - TX), KC0AK (Alex - MN), 20th - W7GQE Mobile (John - OR using 7W/V ant), 21st - WA6ZKY (Gordy - CA), K9GTB (Herb - IL), 22nd - VY2DA (Deric - Prince Edward Is), KL7GKY (Jack - ND), W5KD (Mo - TX), WB5UGT (Steve - TX - would you believe running 1 (one) watt !!!), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), K7KYC (Jean), 29th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 31st - WA1EWQ (Gary - CT), K1TMJ (Jim - ME), W1GYY (Norm - MA),W0RHO (Jeff - KS), WA3BAO (Earl - DE)

FEBRUARY 2000:   6th - K8BZZ (Ned - OH), 9th - K7POF (Bob - CA), W5KD (Mo - TX), W7QHO (Dennis - MD), W6GY (Gary - CA), W5JPW (Jim - TX), 10th - W5QXX (Andy - TX), VE7TMB (Ted - BC), W5KD (Mo - TX), VE7KHZ (Paul - BC), K0RDF (Bob - MO), K0ETD (Ron - KS), 11th - W5KD (Mo - TX), W5QXX (Andy - TX), WA0FDV (John - ND), W7AMI Mobile (David - CA), W6CQA (Charlie - CA), 16th - K8TV (Ken - OH), K0RDF (Bob - MO), WD4PLI/6 (David - CA), WB5UGT (Steve - TX), W5QXX (Andy - TX), WA6PEV (Ron - CA), WA7SWB (Dave - OR), N5KBP (Marty - TX), 22nd - KD4AF (Smitty NC), 29th - N8WBV (Jerry - OH), KA7NGT (Roy - WA), WA2PJP (Joe - NY), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W5XK (David - TX), VY2DA (Deric - Prince Edward Is), KW1I (Dale - NH)

JANUARY 2000:  Conditions were very poor and like December, I was very busy helping the XYL run an Art Studio / Gallery in nearby Dorrigo for a 2 month period.  8th - WA0FDV (John - ND)

DECEMBER 1999:  Conditions were not good and I was very busy helping the XYL run an Art Studio / Gallery in nearby Dorrigo for a 2 month period. 1st - NA0Y (Ken - MO), W7XM (Merl), N4VMY (Bill - KY), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W5TOM (Tom), 15th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W5JPW (Jim - NM), 22nd - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W7TLA (Orb - MT), NK5T (Mac), 29th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), WA2IFS (Doc - NJ)

NOVENBER 1999: 3rd - KF6AR (Bill - OR), WA3BAO (Earl - DE), WA2PJP (Joe - NY), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 5th - K0ETD (Ron - KS), 7th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W8JKS (John - OH), N6FX (Chuck - CA), W0PW (Don - MO), 10th - AL0F (Tim - ?), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 17th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), W7MXM (Gene - ID), 20th - KB2AE (Ed - NY)

OCTOBER 1999:  4th - K7POF (Bob - ?), W9IYK (Ken - LA),W0BVR (Bill - IA), W0PW (Don - MO), KH6CC (Jack - HI), W8BGJ (Tom - OH), KC8FBR (Burt MI), W5KD (Mo - TX), K0DT (Jim - IA), K1GUP (Jerry - ME), W5JAY (Jay - AR), KF6AR (Bill - OR), WA0GAG (Andy - CO),W9GT (Jack - IN), 6th - K7HI/MM (Howard - M/M Pacific Ocean), WA2IFS (Doc - NY), W3HHC (Paul - PA), N7GCW (Edison - WA), KF6AR (Bill - OR), W5KD (Mo - TX), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), K7HK (Harry - ID), 7th - W5KD (Mo - TX), NY7Y (Harold - AZ), WA2URT (Alan - NY), VE3FGU (Mike - Toronto), 8th - KL7GKY/0 (Jack - ND), 9th - K3XT (Shawn - PA), W0LHK (Barry - KS), AA2WN (Harry - NJ), WK8E (Lee - MI), W1GUD (Warren - FL), W7MXM (Gene - ID), VE1BXK (Lorne - NS), K0SF (Steve - MN), NA0Y (Ken - MO), W6FM (Ron - CA), W5SUM (Ron - LA), N3GWE (Ed - PA), W8TPH (John - OH), W0OD (Paul - CO), VE3OWV (Nick - Ottowa), VE3JCH (Larry - N Ottowa), W0UOW (Pete - NE), K4TWJ (Dave - AL), K1TMJ (Jim - ME), WB9GKZ (Pat - WI), 10th - W5KD (Mo - TX),W4IEO (Howard - AL),W6FZ (Ron - CA), WB5NUA (John - TX), WB4FAX (Richard - VA), AB5CC (Ken - OK), KD6ZR (Rich - CA), WB5NUA (John - TX), W6GY (Garry - CA), N7JW (Jim - UT), VK2BRG (Ray - Coffs Harbour, NSW), 11th - KC4CFE (Joe - FL), K0ETD (Ron - KS), 12th - W9IYK (Ken - LA), WA1ABI (John - RI), K0PJG (Tom - NC), 13th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), N6CSW (Barry - CO), 14th - K1GUP (Jerry - ME), 18th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), NK5T (Mac - TX), KU4XR (Andy - TN), 19th - W5JXP (Ed - TX), K8DBN (Bill - OH), 20th - KD4AF (Smitty - NC), 21st - W5KD (Mo - TX), W9IYK (Ken - LA), NA0Y (Ken - MO), NK5T (Mac - TX), W7GQE (John - OR), 24th - N3BRY (Dennis - PA), N1HCE (Pete - MA), KD4AF (Smitty - NC), K7JX (Kasey - WA), 25th - WA8YUZ (George - MI), W6GY (Gary - CA), WA8SAJ (Jeff - OH), VE7GL (Dale - BC), K6AM (John - CA), W6VZI (Jim - CA), W5KD (Mo - TX), 26th - KE7KK (Bill - ND), K9VDD (Ralph - WI), 28th - W7QHO (Dennis - CA), AL0F (Tim - AZ), W9IYK (Ken - LA), K1GUP (Jerry - ME)

SEPTEMBER 1999:   1st - W8VQL (Ed), W6NRO (Al), KD4AF (Smitty), 2nd - KD4AF (Smitty), K4WJM (Bill), K0ETD (Ron), W5KD (Mo),  3rd - KB6BKN (Walter), 4th - W7XH (Bill), KD4AF (Smitty), K5XU (Mike), WA4DWC (Harold) AM/SSB, KH6U (Doug), 5th - K1GUP (Garry), N7IOK (Clyde), KD4AF (Smitty), WA4KCY (Andy), 6th - N3AJB (John), W9MVB (Ben), W4RKO (Tom), W5KD (Mo), W9PKP (Jim), N3YRW (Frank), 7th - NA0Y (Ken), 8th - KU4XR (Andy), KD4AF (Smitty), W6JEO (Carl), 9th - KD4AF (Smitty), KN6ZV (Terry), 10th - KH6CC (Jack), WA2PJP (Joe), W4QBO (Clarence), 11th - K0ETD (Ron), 15th - KD4AF (Smitty), 17th - W5KD (Mo), 18th - W2EC (Carl), K5AM (Mark), WA4KCY (Andy), 19th - KD4AF (Smitty), W8JKS (John), W5KD (Mo), 21st - W2EC (Carl), 22nd - W5KD (Mo), K0PJG (Tom), KD4AF (Smitty), WA2PJP (Joe), K5ATT (Tom), W5YGI (Gordon), WA8KLH (Bruce), WB5UGT (Steve), 23rd - KK7JD (Tom), N3BRY (Dennis), N7GCW (Edison), W9MVB (Ben), KC4CFE (Joe), W6BTV (Bob), 24th - N8JDO (Ron), 25th - W8JKS (John), N8JDO (Ron), K1GUP (Jerry), K7KYC (Gene), W8SXX (Bud), 26th - W5JPI (Gordon),W3BV (Alan), 27th - WA8YUZ (George), WB5UGT (Steve), WB5AHN (Rusty), K0ETD (Ron), W4EW (Ed), W6VZI (Jim), W5KD (Mo), K7SC (Jim), W0PW (Don), W5KD (Mo), 28th - WD4PLI/6 (Daviid), W5KD (Mo), W3HM (Howard), 29th - W5KD (Mo), W3AAA (Herb), W7AMI (David), KH6IRT (Pete), 30th - KD4AF (Smitty)

AUGUST 1999:   Conditions very poor - not much activity.  3rd - W5JPI (Gordon), 4th - KD4AF (Smitty), 5th - K5ATT (Tom), K4NQJ (Mac), 12th - K7EWE (Jim), K4NQJ (Tom), 15th - K5ATT (Tom), WB8YQJ/6 (Don), KB6FPW (Mitch), 16th - K7EWE (Jim), WA4NJY (Ed), 25th - KD4AF (Smitty), 29th - W7XH (Bill), KD4AF (Smitty), K6AM (John), W4QBO (Clarence), W2ORL (Dave), 30th - KK6KV (Andy), W6JEO (Carl), W8VQL (Ed), KD4AF (Smitty), W7XH (Bill), 31st - K7POF (Bob), WA0GAG (Andy), WA1HLR (Jim)

JULY 1999: Conditions very poor, contacts were hard to find. 1st - KE6IE (Leandro), W6FZ (Ron), K7HI/MM (Howard), W9GGJ), 3rd - WD6EWE (Jim), 6th - KC4CFE (Joe), 8th - KD4AF (Smitty), 28th - KD4AF (Smitty), 29th - W5JPI (Gordon)

JUNE 1999: Conditions poor and lack of activity in U.S. 1st - W4RRY (Leo), 5th - WD6EWE (Jim), WA4NJY (Ed), 6th - KE4EG (Lemor), ZL1CN (Penry), 8th - W6GY (Gary), 11th - KD5FDA (Stirling), 30th - W6RRL (George) Note: this contact with George  was the first contact for the new "BA300" transmitter, K7HI/MM (Howard), 31st - K0ETD (Ron)

MAY 1999: Conditions dropping off. 10th - W4OKW (Aeronautical mobile over Greenborough NC, 11th - W6FEI (Bill), W3ORU (Dick), 20th - WD6EWE (Jim) , 22nd - K9TR (Mike), K1PT (Mark), 23rd - W4RRY (Leo), WA2VUY(Angel), 24th - W4RRY (Leo), 26th - KD4AF (Smitty)

APRIL 1999: Conditions were good all month but I was concentrating on 50MHz SSB! 7th - KD4AF (Smitty), 14th - KB8BFM (Charles), KD4AF (Smitty), W6UBM (Al), 15th - KD4AF (Smitty), K0ETD (Ron), ZL1BG (Barry), 16th - W7ISJ (Joe), 19th - W7XH (Bill), W7ISJ (Joe), W7AAM (Al), 21st - KD4AF (Smitty), 22nd - W5JPI (Gordon), 24th - W7XH (Bill)

MARCH 1999: Conditions good. 3rd - W7AAM (Al), KB6BKN (Walter), KD4AF (Smitty), K0ETD (Ron), 13th - WA0FDV (John), W3DA (Abe), VE6GY (Ernie), W7FG (Gary), KF6AR (Bill), K0ETD (Ron), 14th - N6BZY (Paul), W3DA (Abe), WB5UGT (Steve), 18th - KF6AR (Bill), WB8KRY (Joe), 20th - K5ATT (Tom), VE4ACV (Stan), NA0Y (Ken), 21st - WR4T (TR), ZL3AHW (Noel), 23rd - W5KD (Mo), 24th - KD4AF (Smitty), WB6ACU (Joe), W7ASC (David), 25th - NA0Y (Ken), WB5UGT (Steve), W0UOW (Pete), N7KLV (Mike)

FEBRUARY 1999: 23rd - KD4AF (Smitty), 24th - KD4AF (Smitty), K7PW (Mac), 28th K7JEB (Jim)

JANUARY 1999:   Nil AM QSO's

DECEMBER 1998: 10th - K1ETP (Rick), W5LUA (Al), K8HPX (Jack), K5ATT (Tom), W4DEC (Larry), 20th - WD0FLD (Lloyd), W5IXC (Larry)

NOVEMBER 1998:   1st - N7JW (Jim), K6KN (Rocko), 2nd - KL7GKY (Jack), 4th - WD4LTF (Ronnie), N3GWE (Ed), WA0FDV (John), 7th - KD4AF (Smitty), 15th - AB5N (Bob), AL0F (Tim), KA9JFB ( Tom), WB7EGG (Dennis)

OCTOBER 1998:   1st - KD4AF (Smitty), 3rd - W9PB (Jerry), K0EOO (Dennis), WR4T (TR), WB9GKZ (Pat), 4th - KA3AGL (Mike), AC6KV (Art), W3AAA (Herb), WB5UGT (Steve), W1VZR (Pete), KC8FBR (Burt), K7FD (John), 5th - W1GZS (Merle), W2GCX (Gene), WA1YTQ (Al), W7ISJ (Joe), K4DZR (Jerry), W3FJJ (Chuck), K7JEB (Jim), 6th - KD4AF (Smitty), K0ETD (Ron), N1DKU (Harvey), W7QHO (Dennis), VK2QF (Nev), 7th - KD4AF (Smitty), K5FTE (Earle), NK5T (Mac), 8th - W7XH (Bill), W6QYO (Carl), W8QYT/8 (Tom), N3II (Dave), K4CDR (John), 9th - WA0FDV (John), K7JEB (Jim), WA6SKD (Stan), W8GBJ (Tom), AL0F (Jim),  KF6AR (Bill), 10th - KD4GDH (Ray), W2XC (Ray), KB2EGG (Dick), KB7GAI (Wally), WA3AYS (John), 11th - KA9P (Scott), KD4AF (Smitty), N6KN (Rocco), K5XU (Mike), K6SDL/M (John), WW6J (Dan), 12th - N7JW (Jim), KB6BKN (Walter), W0CAB (Bob), K5ACR (Phill), KE9FT (Jim), W8TPH (John), K1GUP (Jerry), VE7ZWZ (Paul), 16th - W6RRL (George), K8RNM (Charlie), W7QHO (Dennis), W6WRE (John), N7WB (John), 17th - N5AF (Sam), KB8BFM (Charles), W8GBJ (Tom), K1YJK (Bob), K0MB (Martin), W3AM (Gary), NY7Y (Harold), W5JXP (Ed), 18th - W9PY (Brian), KB8BFM (Charles), W8TPH (John), W0OD (Paul), 22nd - W0PW (Don), 24th - W7RSQ (Bob), 25th - AB7LK (Garry), WA6UDR (Arlo), W5SJ (Bill), K6VW (Tom), W5JXP (Ed), K7KHW (John), N7SHP (Barry), K0EOO (Dennis), 26th - N0EDS/6 (Dave), 30th - K1ETP (Rich), N3BRY (Dennis)

SEPTEMBER 1998: 4th - K5ATT (Tom), 5th - KE4EG (Lemor), KC4GD (Rob), W6GY Gary), W7AAM (Al), W6GY (Gary), KF6GGY (?), 6th - W7AAM (Al), 7th - WD0HCO (Biz), W5TVW (Sandy), 13th - KE4HKY (Lance), 15th - KF4YM (Winford), W6UKX (Roy), K0ETD (Ron), 16th - W5TVW (Sandy), AC4NP (Mike), K8TV (Ken), 17th - AA8HO (Larry), W5KD (Mo), W7XH (Bill), 20th - WA6CUW (Monte), AC4TO (Ken), 21st - W6WRE (John), 22nd - W8TPH (John), 23rd - W5KD (Mo), W5TQO (Marvin), WA0FDV (John), KE7KK (Bill), 24th - W0PW (Don), NA0Y (Ken), W6GY (Garry), WB8YQJ (Don), 27th - KD4AF (Smitty), NY4D (Dave), W0PW (Don), 28th - KD4AF (Smitty), 29th - K0ETD (Ron), 30th - KD4AF (Smitty), KK7TV (Randy), AC4TO (Ken) 

AUGUST 1998: 5th - WB8KRY (Joe), 20th - N7WB (John AZ),  30th - KK7TV (Randy), W6OTO (Len CA), WB5UGT (Steve TX), K5WXN (Stan TX)

JULY 1998: 27th - VK2ZH (Mac Dorrigo, NSW) First contact on new home brew station for 10M AM.

APRIL 1998: 12th - KD4AF (Smitty NC) That was the QSO that started my interest in 10M AM.  I was using an FT920 driving a home brew linear amplifier at 100W o/p. I spent the next 3 months building a tube station for 10M AM.