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Smitty KD4AF in Australia

A few photos from the album

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KD4AF (Right) at an aussie barbeque

Well known 10 metre AM'er, Smitty KD4AF, visited Australia for a "walkabout" in February and March 2003. We were delighted to have Smitty at the VK2BA QTH for a few days and here are some photos from the album.

Top:  An Aussie Barbeque with left to right: some locals - Gail and Dave Scott, Jenny and David Macnaughton (VK2BA) and Smitty KD4AF trying to understand Aussie humour. 


KD4AF enjoying some on-air activities at VK2BA


KD4AF in the VK2BA shack beside the old Johnson Viking 2.

This rig was given to VK2BA some years ago by Smitty and he never thought he would see it again.

KD4AF the tourist, at Wollomombi Gorge

KD4AF the tourist. Here Smitty is inspecting the Wollomombi Gorge near Armidale, NSW

Wollomombi Gorge

The spectacular Wollomombi Gorge